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TuSSH now has Arm Native code. SSH 2 login on a Tungsten C is 3 seconds and a Tungsten T is 7 seconds.

TuSSH is an SSH client for Palm OS devices. It should now work with any device with PalmOS 4 or greater. Version 0.68 and higher support OS3.5 and greyscale devices. The three that have been confirmed are the Treo 180 and 270 and the palm m100. It has been confirmed to work with Sony OS 5 320x480 and 480x320 screens. Devices with the collapsable input area should work now - including Sonys Virtual grafiti area. The Treo 600 and 650 are also known to work

SSH2 support is now in TuSSH version 0.60 and up. For AES support you must download the Copera AES library.

If you have a server that it doesn't work with please send me a log of the interaction. If you can set sshd to debug3 that will be most helpful.
Before sending an email read the FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question then make sure you send a detailed report of the problem. I need the version of TuSSH you are using and the brand and version of the server you are using. Please include the TuSSH debug log generated.
Feedback or suggestions can be  emailed

TuSSH is tested against OpenSSH 3.6 to 3.8 . Other server implementations do not implement SSH 2 the same way. The usual error message will be "unable to alloc". TuSSH uses openssl for its ssl and encryption library.

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