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Pocket PC 2003
Download SerialLogger GPS
Download SerialLogger

Pocket PC 2002
Download SerialLogger GPS 2002
Download SerialLogger 2002

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802.11b Antenna Hacks
Motorola DCT 2000 Hacking

I needed a RS232 serial data logger for Pocket PC but there wasn't one to be found so I wrote SerialLogger. They are all free but I ask that you make a donation if you find them useful

There are four different builds. Two for Pocket PC 2002 and two for Pocket PC 2003. For each there is a regular version and a slightly GPS aware version.

Serial Version

The serial version will log data from any rs232 device connected to a valid serial port. The data gets logged to the file "SerialLog.txt" in the root directory on the device. Hitting the capture line button will grab data from the next newline until the following newline. These lines get saved to "LineLog.txt" in the same directory. A third file "SerialCongig.txt" is also created. You can edit it with Pocket Word if you want but if you mess something up you have the chance of crashing SerialLogger.

The "lights" in the bottom left corner are (DTR)(RTS)(DRS)CTS)(DCD)(RING). Some devices require that DTR and/or RTS be toggled to "wake them up"

A warning !! If you turn on the "No Power Down" option and leave Serial logger in the foreground it will run until your battery is completely dead. When SerialLogger doesn't have focus it does not log data and will allow the device to go to sleep regardless of the "No Power Down" switch. I might make this configurable in the future.

GPS Version

The GPS version has all the same features as the serial version. It also outputs a string to turn on WAAS for a BC-307 compact flash GPS receiver. The capture line function also works a little differently. It only captures the next line that starts with $GPGGA.

BC 307 GPS reciever

I got these strings out of the GPS information software that came with the unit
  • WAAS on - $$PSRF151,01
  • WAAS off - $$PSRF151,00
  • VTG on - $$PSRF103,05,01,01
  • VTG off - $$PSRF103,05,00,01
  • Power Save on - $$PSRF150,0,300,1000
  • Power Save off - $$PSRF150,0,1000,1000
The checksums for each sentence are left as an excercise for the reader.
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