Motorola DCT 2000 Hacking

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802.11b Antenna Hacks
Motorola DCT 2000 Hacking

This page is a collection of information I have gathered about the Motorola DCT 2000. It also goes by the name General instruments DCT 2000.

Hardware Facts

  1. Some versions have a HDTV output
  2. There is a BDM interface on the board

HDTV output

There is an output on the back to the unit labeled High Speed data. This is the unencrypted HDTV data. It needs to be fed into an HDTV decoder HDD 200. This is probably a lot cheaper than ditching your DCT 2000 and than buying a new HDTV capable box.
HDTV data port

BDM interface

The BDM is a low level debugging interface for the M68K cpu for the DCT 2000. I will have pictures from my own box soon. Until then the satelite guys have done a great job of hacking thier box. The internals seem to be very similar to the cable version.

I found another site with lots of good information about attaching a bdm interface to the dct.

BDM port

Satelite reference section.
Satelite Hack section.

If you have any additional information it can be emailed emailed.